Teaching Painting

I was asked few months ago if I would
be interested in teaching some
painting classes.
A woman I recently met through
other artist in my community is
opening up a store front and
has thought about holding evening
paint classes in the back.
It would be classes for beginners
and a place to get together for
an evening with some of your friends and
have fun.
I paint with oils and these classes
would be acrylic paints, with simple
and easy designs.
Be I needed to see if I could even
So I borrowed a friend that
has been to one of these classes
with me and since she wanted
to do more....
she became my student
(my teacher who we lost a yr ago would
be so proud of me).
This is Theresa or T to a lot of
She is a professional photographer
for the state of TN.
She has the first coat on now.

After adding another coat of the blue
and purple she ventured off to
paint the branches of the tree...
and what her nervous was she
was painting into her moon and
afraid she would mess up.

Through the process I heard things
coming out of my mouth that
I remember hearing my teacher
Don't be afraid to us some paint!
Put some paint on that brush!
Don't push down, use the tip of the brush.
my fav was
Don't work it to death!
But all in all she did an awesome job so
I say that I must have pulled the teaching off
really well!
Theresa made changes along the way
with not using as many branches or
as much orange in the moon but those
are choice as a painter that you
make according to what you like.

Awesome job T.
Thanks for stopping in,


redtdot said…
Thanks, Pam for the lesson and the fun. You really did a great job teaching.You will do great in class, I am sure!
Gail Wilson said…
good for you! I think this will be so much fun for you to do.
I'm going to my second class on Weds. It's an owl. I seriously can't paint a lick!

Theresa did a wonderful job and you’re a great teacher!

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