Painted Glasses

I am a PINTEREST Pinner!
I pin, and I pin, and I pin....
but I never have the time to get around
to making what I pin.
Until Sunday.
I have seen and read up on
how to paint on glass and what to
do to help it stay, so I had
to try it.
Check this out.
Inside view.
Outside view.

And bottoms up view!

Then I had this one lone glass...
Turned out pretty cute.

Even around the bottom.

And these two got the basic black and
white....Love them.

LOL....and then a fun one.
Looking into the center of the glass.

I shot it everyway to get the
over all look of it.

I shall be doing more of these.
Thanks for stopping in,


Beautiful! I use to paint glasses and dishes for my booth quite a few years ago.
Gail Wilson said…
Fun glasses Pam! my friend tried a sharpie for some New Year's glasses, but the ink came off... maybe it was the alcohol????


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