Odds and Ends

I have no clue what this was about...
Sunday I was out at the lake with a friend
taking pics and I saw this young
man running his truck in the lake.
Gotta do the other side.

Oops, lets get the whole things in.
He kept getting out and looking
under the truck and although there was
no mud on the side of the truck I can
only think that maybe he was cleaning off
the under side???

What you looking at?

Isn't he cute?

An Alpaca!

And a really BIG pig.
or would that be a hog?
What is the difference?

Love horses.

Yesterday at work the lawyer in my old
unit finally hit 40.
This was posted on the door when
he came to work.

LOL! To cute.
Found this on PINTEREST the
other day and since I am a Oz
fan from the start I really
took to this!

Last night I had dinner with a friend.
I had been to Goodwill earlier in the
day and I wanted to share a find with
Cool egg basket for 2.99.
Thought a plant would look
great in it.
I forgot and left it at her house.
Apparently she has way to much
time on her hands in the morning.
I was sent a text with a pic of
my basket this morn....
In the pic the basket had a rope
tied around it and it read......
The going public comment is after
I posted the pic and the first
comment on facebook! lol
All over a basket. Still waiting
to see what the ransom demands will
Have a great day. Thanks for
stopping in and please come


Gail Wilson said…
lol how funny about the ransom... basket tied up. :)

strange truck driver, but as I was looking at the pics, that is exactly what I was thinking... dirty underneath. (I was on the phone when I first clicked over to your blog, so I was just looking at pics, not reading yet)
hope you're having a great week Pam!

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