Nashville's Vacant Prison

I am sure this place has seen a lot,
if only the walls could talk.
This is Nashville's Old Vacant State Prison.
Home at one time of many inmates
and the filming of several movies including
The Green Mile
and The Last Castle.

The look out maybe to the prison yard?

The door to Maxium Security.

The platform that the "chair" sat on.
You can see the plugs hanging on the wall
that read what part of the body
was attached to each plug.

Not sure where the actual SWITCH is.

Looking into the area where the controls were
behind glass and seperated from the inmate.

Hall to the cells.

A bed.

And right next to it, your john with
the sink on top.

I worked for the Printing Division for the state
of Tennessee when I took these pics.
We housed our paper inventory in
the eating section of the prison. Each
year we would go out and do inventory.
This painting done by an inmate was on
one section of the wall.

And this amazing painting was done on
the other side.

Stand on one end of the painting and the railroad
tracks seemed to be coming to you but stand
on the other and it seemed to curve and
started coming at you that way.
Creepy but such talent.
The Prison was built in 1898 and
housed 800 single cells.
Left alone in an area of where we stored
paper and you got the feeling you were
being watched!
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