What Has Been Going On

Forgive the pics...I have gotten
in a really bad habit of taking
pics with my iphone 3 and it makes
terrible ones.
Last week I had a mishap...
be really careful sticking a
bottle water in your purse without
checking to be sure the lid is on tight!
My phone got wet.
And the screen went all white.
I stopped at AT&T on the
way home and ordered a new phone.
But after a night in rice, mine was
fine again.....
oh well, the new one should be here
Now onto business.
Dakota with his Santa Hat on
and not at all happy about it.
Sunday my mom and I drove to
Knoxville to take my niece back
to school for exams.
The KING rode along with us.
Interesting, he had never been on
that long of a road trip before.
He did well.
Holly went back to sleep once she had
breakfast and I was amazed that
the KING laid down with her,
he is not the best at sharing his space.

Now on to TINK.
He came out a week ago yesterday and
I posted some earlier pics of him
but these were last week.

I guess he got cold over night.

Went in and the door locked behind him.

Brrrr, in the freezer.

Guess he is going to try a hand at cooking.

Riding a horse ornament into the sunrise
I guess.
Finished a project I started months
The boys 2013



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