Last Week and The Holiday Mood

Last week we had snow.
It was a total surprise cause it was
not predicted! Go figure....
On the window shield of my car.
On the truck of my car....had to do something3
while I stood there and pumped gas!

This is something that I did some time ago,
forgot about and thought I would
post it before I forget about it again...
Got a camera lens that is not repairable?
I did and I hated to throw it out.
So a round piece of wood, paint
and glue and you have a cute
paper weight!

Saturday morning at a cute little
coffee shop in the village.
I did my local small shop shopping...
I got a Snicker latte and
an orange/cranberry muffin.

All weekend it was one of those
deals where I argued with myself....
Put up the Christmas tree,
don't put one up,
yes, I need the tree up,
no I really don't think I will fool with it,
but you love the lights....
Sunday night 7pm I decided to
get up and do it.
Then almost changed my mind when
I looked under the stairway.
You see my only storage in the house is
under the stairs....but first you
have to jump up over the washer....
and did I tell you that I am not as young
as I used to be?
Oh yes, or as thin so that squeeze
past the hot water heater was tight.

I did however go over and I was
able to return. I have two regular trees
and I have maybe one or two little ones.
But I went for the one I got last year.
It is tall, thin and comes in an urn like
planter. I think it was meant for a porch
but for my space, it was perfect.
Then I pulled out the memories.
An angel made by my cousin

My new ornament for this year.
I purchase a new one every year.

This is last years. It is the original of
the school I graduated from.

My daughter, Amber.
Taken when she was a year old
at a friends house.

This was sent to me years ago by my
aunt Patsy that past away a few years ago.

This I bought for a Zen sandbox
on my desk in 2006 for show I
was going on a cruise!
Decided it made a great ornament for the

And this guy showed up at my house
3 years ago.

This morning I caught him
drinking out of a cup and
straw I left out last night.
He is always an adventure.

And my tree.

These are great for storing away ornaments.
I have about 5 and they work perfect for
protecting them.
I still wrap each one before storing it
in one of these.

Thanks for stopping in,


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