AMAZING Night- Donny and Marie

last night.
First let me say that these photos are
provided by a friend of mine, Kay Hammer.
She had amazing seats.
I had good seats off to the side right at the
stage but the lights effected my camera phone
and Donny and Marie came out all white.
I tried to not break the rules and I did
not take a real camera, there was a
I was so mad at myself when I saw others
with big cameras.
But.....its okay, I have
my memories.
Thanks Kay for sharing your pics.
How can you go wrong here...
beauty and handsome???

Fantastic performers.

You can tell they love doing this job,
they put their heart and soul into

And what the two of them have together as
brother and sister makes it
all the better.

Marie really provides the humor.

And Donny works the fans by running off
the stage into the fans....
so funny to see the body guards trying
to keep up with him!

Amazing outfits.

And then there was the song Moon River
that Andy Williams always sang at the
end of his show.
Donny sang it in memory of Andy.

Donny turned 55 Dec. 9 but he shared with us
that around 9:30 last night, Dec. 10, 50 years
ago he performed for the first time on the
Andy Williams show.

Thank God that Andy saw the rising stars in
all the Osmond's and gave them their start!
Marie can sing anything from country to

The Christmas gift Donny promised
he would give Marie
when they came to Nashville.

It was a small mirror ball like the one he
won in Dancing with the Stars.....
like the one she did not win when
she was in Dancing with the Stars!
She actually called him a BUTT!

Fantastic time.
Had dinner at Puckett's downtown!
Yep..that is my foot! 

The stage from my seat.

And me in front of the stage.
Thanks to one of my best friends, Theresa Montgomery
 for going along
with me to the concert. She had never attended
any Osmond concert although she had
photographed Marie when she lived here and
Theresa worked for The Nashville Network.
Even though she was raise in the 70's
she was not a Donny fan but because she loves
all types of music and  esp. Christmas music
she wanted to go..
Thanks T for going with me.
Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
oh my! sounds like a wonderful time. I enjoy seeing Donny and Marie play off each other. It seems they genuinely love each other very much.

so glad you got to go Pam!
redtdot said…
I had a great time! They certainly had a LOT of energy!

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