2013 Christmas Card and Extras

Here it is unveiled!
My 2013
Christmas card.
I was going to paint my dog, Dakota
but I waited to long
to really get into a painting like
that so I did the next best thing...
A dog bone stocking!
Beverly Edwards a very sweet and dear
woman I have known for many years
decorates her home every year from
top to bottom and has several open houses.
This is about the one time a year I
get to see the family so I always
try and go. Her daughter Julie
is one of my oldest and dearest
This photo was taken two years ago.
Left to right - Laurie (Julie's sister),
Julie and me.

Last Saturday night I missed seeing Laurie but
Julie was there along with her beautiful daughter
Let to right - Lauren, Julie and me...
wow, I feel so short!
Lauren and Julie.
Lauren is getting married in
about 3 weeks. So happy
for her.
Saturday I got in a strange mood...
I wanted to make something.
I thought I had what I needed to make
chocolate oatmeal cookies...
But NO I did not.
It calls for milk, sugar and cocoa.
I had none of the above...
But I decided to move on with what
I had and see what I came up with.
1/2 can of Eagle Brand milk,
white powdered sugar,
butter, peanut butter
and oats.
Yummy, not bad at all.

This next thing is all over PINTEREST...
carrot cake mix
and can pumpkin.
Mix, and bake 350 till done.

I took it a step further, powdered sugar
mixed with apple juice to make
a frosting.
I love this shot. I took this
several years ago for my
Christmas card.

Taken this yr.
To cute.

Okay sorry, this just does not look right...
At the Chinese Restaurant.

Saturday morning at the local
coffee shop.
I love that you are served in a real

Thanks for stopping in and checking out
my weekend.


Gail Wilson said…
as always I love looking at your photos. :)

do you take your camera everywhere?

sweet Christmas card Pam.


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