In the Sky

Sunday night November 17, 2013
I went out to see if I could get a
good shot of the moon.
Standing in my driveway you have to
shoot around the trees but I think
this one turned out cool anyway with
the trees around it.
Yesterday morning November 18, 2013
I see that the moon is still out as
the sun starts to rise.

As I drove to my mom's house of course the
sun made it's way up and I saw
this site from one of the highest points
in the neighborhood I grew up in.
Looking down Bonnavue and across the
river. Of course you are not going
to shoot for something like this in a neighborhood
without getting all the electrical wires.
Thank goodness for editing software!
But check out that fog over the

This morning I stepped out on my porch to
head to work and saw this site.
Oh, the colors...amazing.

Once again in the old hood on the way to mom's...
(she keeps my dog for me everyday),
I see this site peeking out from behind
the house.

View from the hill near work.

And just shooting for the sky.
Clouds are amazing.

Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
wow pam! beautiful pictures. I noticed the moon sunday night after storms rolled through. I was surprised the sky was so clear. The moon lit up my whole yard!


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