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Good Friday Morning!
One more week down and gone
in my count to retirement....
Oh, did I forget to mention that
come July 30, 2015 I will be retired?
Well, that is what I am shooting for..
Anyway, I got this set of furniture
about a month ago. A friend
of mine gave it to me cause
she was moving from a BIG
house to a smaller to down size.

I was wanting something for the guest room...
AKA the office.
These will work perfect.
This is the look I would like to go for when
I redo them.
That will be really nice don't you think?
I walked around the house a couple of weeks
ago and I kept seeing this:
Never seen this before but then I realized
that it was a spider thingy. I could not
figure out the white stuff but
I guess it is a protection thing.
I have been told that spiders, not
eggs are in there and if I smash
it they will go everywhere.
I can't have that since there are about 5 of these
on my house....but they have to go!
I love PINTEREST and I have
become fond of the quote
I like this one and
I can relate, growing up in the 70's
was an amazing time...
shame that the kids today don't have
what we had back then.

I like this saying....
I no a few that I hope this is what
happens to them....

I found this on FB on a Fibromyalgia site...
Oh my gosh, I try so hard
every day but there comes those
times I have to give in to crying.

Also from a Fibro site.
I can relate to almost all of

30 degrees, November 8, 2013 and
I finally had to give, I think that yesterday
was my last day to wear hope toed shoes
for this yr.
This morning back to the dreaded
socks and shoes.

And for the first time this season....
Frost on the car window.

Looking at purchasing a riding mower
next spring. I found this on FB and
I can see this being good exercise plus
it should not cost much! lol

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