Shopping with ME in Sevierville TN

I am NOT a shopper.
I don't like to shop.
But....when I go with others
it can be fun.
Stopped by a store in Sevierville TN called
the Beehive.
It was a neat place.
These are baby Dorothy shoes!
Check out these cool rain boots...
look like cowboy boots.

I do love rings, earrings, necklaces.....
Check out this fake rock!

And this one.
Cut for a groovey girls room.

Love this. Think I will have to make some
of these.

Wow....and to think mine is just all
black! lol
You can see these coming off the
belt at the airport really easy.
Bright...I love the 60's and 70's
colors and styles that are in now.

I just had to try on the OLD LADY hate!
And pose of course.

Trying on reading glasses. funny.
Love the signs!

And I know that I am making
one of these...
Yep, I could use this.

These were neat.
Metal letters.

Preparing for Halloween.

Remember the rain boots?
I did not put them on but I did
take a pic of "where my feet have
been" using the boots.
LOL....this was taken at
Cracker Barrel on the way
to Sevierville when we stopped
for lunch.
Love the color.

Like I said, I am not much of
a shopper but I will play around with
the items in the store!
I did go in Kirklands and I did
purchase something for me..
A scarf to go with a winter shirt.

I would not have gotten it at 12.99
but the clearance price was
Every year I do get a new oranment for the
The one for this yr.
And I purchased this charm.
I don't think I did so bad.
Thanks for stopping in,


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