Dakota, AKA The KING

If you have ever read my blog you
have read at sometime or another
about Dakota
ask cause he acts like a KING
and he wants to be treated
like a KING.
I love this silly dog so much.
My mother was determined that
he needed his pic made with a crown
yet all she had was a crown for
a GIRL dog!
He turns his head in disgrace.
Still not wanting me to take his pic.
Finally, with a look of total disgrace I
get a front shot.
But then, alas everyone on Facebook
made a comment of him wearing the
GIRL crown.
I just told them it was cause
he was a sissy KING!
But I had to right that wrong.
I made him a crown.
Yet again, he was not wanting
any part of this.
Still would not hold his
head high.
Oh please Mom, take this thing off
of my head.

Turning away yet again.

Now the frontal view...
If looks could kill.
Oh he is so not happy.
Might have to try again.....after
I had a ruby or something to
the crown that was made
esp for him and his
small head!
The KING would like to thank the for
stopping by but he just can't bring himself
to except that the have seen him in
like this.
But if the promise to not tell
and bow before him, he will
knight the!
Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
hahaha poor guy... his mama and grandma have too much time on their hands. lol
Dakota is so cute
Love the jewelry holder too!

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