Yard Sale

Don't get me wrong, I love to
go to a good yard sale.
I HATE the all that preparing and getting
ready for one, such hard work.
A friend of mine has been preparing for one for
weeks. She is trying to down size.
I had somethings so I even started to locate
more through the house that I could
put in there. I don't mind helping a
friend by working a yard sale so that
is what I did. Got somethings ready and
helped.....just not having one of
my own....EVER AGAIN!

Sorry, we were so busy that I really did not
get any good pics. We stayed really busy all
But the best of the day was this man.

He was with his girlfriend and he was messing
with her about getting these Lemon Orange
He even tried them on over his shorts!
He had us in stitches.
Then came the end of me day on the drive
It was an amazing day. High of 75,
light wind...not rain.
Great day. Now....off for one more day
of it.
Thanks for stopping in,


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