Sunday and the Hummers

Sunday my mother and I enjoyed a nice
lunch at my brother Ray's home.
He cooked a chicken on the smoker
while Lori cooked up squash and onions,
beans, corn and more stuff.
It was so good.
Restful and relaxing also.
This is TJ, Ray's bird and a few days
ago he realized he could fly again...
Yesterday (Monday) he went to have
his wings clipped again.
But Sunday he just sat and enjoyed the view
from the dinning room window.

Lori, Ray, mom and I ate our dinner
on the deck.
We enjoyed our meal, company,
conversation and the birds.
Never could get a pic of them flying...
they were to busy fighting each other off
at the feeders.

Love to watch these birds. They are so neat.
But Ray is going to start taking the feeders
down, if not the hummers will try to stay
through the winter.
Bout time for the to start flying
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