Happy Birthday Baby Braden - 3 Years Old

My youngest grandson, Braden Joshua
turns 3 today.
Happy Birthday Braden.
Nana Loves You.
Minutes old.
Being held by Mommy.

Checking out the hair.
Still not as much as his Mom had
when she was born.

1st Halloween.

Getting a loving kiss from Mom.


Nana taking pics!

Sweet littlest face.

Oops....not anymore.
Not happy.

Taking a bath in the sink.
Look at the sweet innocent look
full of love and trust.

1st Christmas.

Growing up and changing daily.

Sound asleep and holding his ear.

Cuddling with Nana.

Asleep on Nana, after surgery.
6 months old.

Nana playing with the camera and poses.
Love this shot.

Sitting up and smiling.

Loves being under the table looking out the window.

Nana at play again with the camera.

One of my fav shots.

Under the table again playing with

Round rolly polly legs....just
getting it across the yard.

Taste of his 1st birthday cake.
What a face!
Brothers birthday cake.

Wow.....I am styling..

Nana loved those curls.

This was his new smile!

Sweet looking face.

Sweet but not so pretty looking face!

That famous smile only now both eyes

Nana, that dip is good.
Climbing on the swing outside.


Surprise...one of the other boys got his
attention doing something.

Growing up fast.

This was taken right after a haircut.

Love the blue eyes.

Happy Birthday baby.
I love you.
Love Nana.
Thanks for stopping in,


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