Caleb's Evening with Nana

Caleb and his mom moved home a week
before Caleb turned 1 year old.
They moved out shortly after Caleb
turned 6 years old. He will
soon be 13.
He was always a Nana's boy.
But last year he was staying in
trouble at home for not listening
and his grades were not the best...
So, his coming to Nana's every other
weekend had to stop.
Sunday night was the first time
he has stayed the night in a while.
But we had a good time just hanging out.
Caleb being silly with
Nana's clown glasses.
We packed stuff up in my car to take to
a friends house for a yard sale.
He was great helping Nana load stuff
and then again unloading.
He found these in the yard
sale stuff and wore them
to the drive to drop the
stuff off.
On the way home we did the grocery
store run.
Then home to cook dinner.
While I was getting things read to
cook, Caleb was playing in the
pantry where he found my
old motorcycle helment..
He helped cook dinner which was his menu
request of steak, lima beans and glazed
After, I washed, he rised and put in the
Before movie time when I got on
the computer this is what
was taking place in the bed next
to me.

Today we just hung at the house.
He helped cook breakfast, and
then he shreaded all the stuff
I had sat aside that needed to be
Right before time to go home it RAINED.
A fast, hard down pour.
Then it let up and Caleb went
to play in the puddles.

Pics not that great, when I brought
the camera from inside to out my
lens kept fogging up..

On this shot, Caleb said he felt
like a 3 year old playing in the

That down pour produced a fast
and flowing creek that was
almost dry before the rain.

At least it stopped and did not make it to the
Thanks for stopping in,


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