Amazing Piece

Years ago my youngest brother found
this on the road to be disposed of
in a neighborhood bulk trash pick up.
I loved it the minute I saw it.
I asked earlier in the year if he has plans
for it and if he didn't could I have
Last night when he came to
fix my dryer he delivered
that piece!
It is metal, rusted on the
outside a bit but not all the
way through anywhere that I can tell.
It is solid and very, very
Isn't it an amazing piece?
I wanted it to begin with to put in the yard
to hang plants on but I don't think that
will be the choice now.
I thought maybe checking it out
to see if it would make a floor lamp or
even yet, maybe and outside lamp.
Not really had the time to check it out
but I will get right on that this weekend.
Thank you Mark....I love this piece.
Thanks for stopping in and come again


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