9/11 - A Day to Remember

Where were you when the first plane hit
the Tower?
I worked for the state of TN, Printing Division
and I was sitting at my desk when my mother
called to tell me a plane had ran into the
Tower. My first question was framed with
unbelief, "was it an accident?"
I had goose bumps as I turned on the radio
to hear what was going on.
The images that evening on the TV were
so unbelievable....to think
this happened on American soil!
Remember this day, never forget.
Keep the families of the victims in your
prayers and hearts.
Hug your loved ones like you did that day.
Hold onto them tightly.
Remember the images of that day.

I sat out on the deck that evening and the most
eerie silence came over me...the
flight pattern that normally went over
my home was silent.
The next day traveling the interstate
I realized that even the semi's were absent.
For weeks later I remember the signs at markets,
drug stores, restaurants and other places of
business being dedicated to the victims
of 9/11 with words like, "we will never
forget". The flags that flew over buildings,
in windows of cars and homes. How as a nation
we all seemed stunned but we all stood together
as one nation!
I thanked God for what I had, for what as an
American I have achieved......my
children and my grandson most of all.
Today thanks to the men and women that
fight for us American's to have the life
we have I now can be thankful for
2 more added grandson's and
a new daughter in law.
Special thanks goes out to Phillip Ware and
Michael Broyles who since the time of 9/11
they have signed up and now give of themselves
in the Army.
But...thanks to all you men and women and your
God Bless the victims today of 9/11, the ones
on the planes, in the buildings and the ones
that risked their lives to safe who they
could that day......rest in peace.
And bless the families of those victims.
Thank you,


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