Weekend Projects

My projects for the weekend started with
me getting the pics to my niece
Holly for her to give to
her mom and dad, and
one to her granny.
I had taken these weeks ago.
Framed them and had
them in gift bags with a card for
Holly to give out.
Holly left for college for the first time
on Sat.
I thought this was just the thing
for her to give.
Then the next step of projects was to
put a final coat of sealer on my
other niece, Jessica's TV stand
I did for her.
These two things took place on Friday evening.
Saturday I started a painting that I am
giving as a birthday gift.
Started and finished.

Last week I bought some Abalone shell
earrings at a friends store.
But everyone knows that I can't
wear earrings without a matching
So also, last week I made a trip to Michael's
and found what I needed.
Last night I made the
But....I guess I was on a roll. I saw a clock
somewhere that I thought was so cute...
so I decided to make Holly one for
her dorm room.
All done except an extra 1 that I
need to pick up today for the twelve.
Supplies used for the clock ...
A 9x9 canvas
teal paint
black paint
a used clock from Goodwill $2.99 (this
gives you the motor and the hands)
black stick on lettering
Painted the canvas teal and painted
the numbers black.
The hands were already black.
Put a hole in the canvas and
stuck the motor into it from the
back. Gluing around the hole to
make sure it don't rip.
Clip the hands in place.
Apply WHATEVER to the canvas
and glue the numbers on.
The canvas was on sale for $2.00.
Numbers (with extra's I can use later) $1.99.
Letters (on hand) $2.99.
Goodwill clock $2.99.
Black paint on hand
and teal paint $1.27.
Just shy of $12.00...not
bad for a cute clock special made
for someone.
Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
Ooooh my you have been on a roll... but that is what I like to see! Means you are your old self!! Aww it's soo hard to see them leave for college but makes one feel so proud that they have "arrived". The young adults of the future. It was very sweet of you to make those photos for gifts.. I'll bet she was very excited to hand them out. The necklace set is very beautiful and yes I do know that you always need the matching set lol. Love the artsy table (my colors or lack there of I should say) and painting. I had to laugh when I saw the clock.. 'Whatever' is so riiight! The mentality that helps us deal now-a-days.. even my husband has picked it up lol. I so enjoy seeing your creativeness at work. Thanks for sharing. Nancy M.; Ohio
Gail Wilson said…
Pam--you've been busy! started AND finished the painting? woohooo! It's beautiful!

great projects... the clock is cute.


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