Tomato Festival -2013

Welcome to the annual
Nashville TN
Tomato Festival.
This has probably been my 5th or 6th time
to attend the festival.
This was probably his first time.
And look he is sporting a Titans
Wow....thinking she must have ate a basketball
or the whole garden of tomato's.
This lady was dressed the part.
As well as this one.
I have seen this guy before so I think
he must be a regular tomato head
guy! lol
This guy seems to have found his
favorite tomato. 
Nope...I did not have my palm read.
Anyone holding a fake skunk can
not be trusted!
There was entertainment.
And even more entertainment.
Art....some strange and some stranger.
The sun shines down from above.
Art in the form of bowling with
Nashville's Batman Bldg. sporting
it's own tomato.
And then strings of floats
Booths of jewelry.
And families.
These boys were so cute. Mom told
them to stand together and have their pic made.
Then she told them to act like they liked each other.
Notice what happened when little brother hugged
the big brother. I thought his eyes would pop out.
And then there were BIG families.
Food.....oh yummy.
And dogs.
Isn't he so cute.
And the tomato family goes home!
Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
OMG those are hilarious! Tomato Fest huh? The lil boy expression is adorable and i have to say you covered just about everything nicely !! You guys have a little of everything .. Hmm I must have been thinking tomatoes .. Just made Gazpacho.. Yum! Do you have festivals in the Fall as well? One 'we' can have fun in together? LMK.. ; Nancy F - Ohio
Gail Wilson said…
fun post Pam! I wonder why Jamie has never invited me to the festival? :)

love all the pics and the humorous way you put it all together...

about the guy finding his tomato? hahaha


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