The Midnight Critter - YUCK

First let me say for those reading this .....
HATE is not even a strong enough word,
FEAR comes closer
to the correct word.
turn causes me to
HATE them also!
Yep....I think that covers it.
At 1 am this morning my dog, Dakota,
AKA the KING decided that he had
to go out.
I went down the stairs, half a sleep to
let him out. I was looking down at him as
he stepped on the porch, and with him, he
has stand there and check out the yard
before venturing out.
Just as he stepped down off the porch, I
looked up to see this:
I was NO longer half a sleep!
This BIG critter had built a web, a big web right over
my steps going up on my porch...YIKES.
Did I happen to mention that he was about 1.5
inches long? YEP....he was BIG.
I have a can of bug spray sitting on my table right next
to the door and I really, really thought about spraying him.....
but I did not. Mark (my brother) would be so proud
of me for not killing him. My thoughts on the
matter were that, he was outside, he was catching food
and I figured he would be gone in the morning.
If not, then I will spray him then.
He was gone!
I looked around but there was no sight
of him.
I also figure he is probably living/hiding in
my fern hanging right there.
Stay away from me and I will keep the
spray away from you.
Course it took me awhile to fall back to
sleep....visions of that SPIDER kept
staying in my head.
Thanks for stopping in,


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