Oz Collection Grows

Yesterday I posted a pic of my Pez's
that I got from a friend and
a cherry coke from my son to add
to my Oz collection.
Last week I ran to my brothers
house every night to feed his dog,
Dinky. I will not say much on that
matter other than, Dinky protects their
family and home.
He considers me and outsider, even
though I am the body that feeds him
when they go out of town.
So feeding Dinky can be challenge.
To make up for that challenge my sister
in law, Kim got me the coolest gift...
Oh my gosh....so cute. It will go great with
my collection.
My niece Holly got me this really
neat magnet.
These were great gifts.
Thanks ladies!
I love them.
My collection is growing. Thinking that I
need to take a pic of all of it to show.
Thanks for stopping in,


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