Catching up on Small Projects

On my way home from work
Friday I went by Lowes
and picked up some things
I will be needing.
Plastic Bi- Fold Door piece
Blades for my Scroll Saw
and a level just for good

I had picked up this hook and eye a
week ago to fix my screen door.
The door will not stay pulled to and the
lock will not work. So I fixed that

A few months ago my middle grandson
got mad at his brother and kicked
the laundry space door.
Knocked it right off the track.
After he left I tried to put it
back up only to find that he
broke the plastic piece that slides
on the track.
Yep...I said a couple months ago...
I never could remember I needed that piece.
My Lowes stop Friday helped me
to remember.
Its back up and working great.
The last small project I had to finish
was a TV stand I had started for my
niece a month ago.
As usual I forgot the before pic.
It was a prefab put together yourself
TV stand that I found on the side of
the road.
Jessica (niece) mentioned she needed one.
I happened to remember there was one in
the shed. I painted it gray and I was
going to do stripes in black on it.
Then I taped off the stripes with cheap
painting tape, it bled through.
I was so stressed over it and it would have
meant stripping it and starting over.
I decided to paint it all black and
cover the stripes that still showed
through with scrapbook paper.
Finished deal....
well almost, I still have to seal it.
What do you think for a young girls apartment?
Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
I (most of the time) put off the small projects till the end--the last possible moment. I'm such a procrastinator.

great job on the fixups!

pretty table too, perfect for a young lady.


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