Another Hodge Podge of Pics...

Have loved this weather in TN. this yr....not hot
and not humid.
But I could have done without the rain.
With all this rain, lots of breeding of
blood sucking mosquito's, and
they LOVE me.
Let me mention also that I live on a creek.
Lots of rain, lots of breeding, a creek and
lots of bites.
Having to spray bug spray on me just
to go out and water plants.
So with that, I wonder if I
could invent a mosquito proof
outfit to wear each time I go out....
Think on that one.
While watering last night I ran across
a lot of those writting spiders. He is
a little one.
Click on it for a better view.
Now to show you what I picked up at
Goodwill this week.
I got this at a Goodwill in the
next city...15 min. down the road.
I thought it would be amazing in
a garden or on this table with a plant

Today at the Goodwill in my area I picked
this up...
.99 cents.
I have wooden numbers to hang on it.
Thinking this would be great on my
desk at work.
Enough of that....I went by to
see my grandboys yesterday evening.
They are so funny sometimes.
This is Caleb...soon to be 13.
He really thinks he is cool...
Isn't he handsome?

Middle grandson..
Blowing a bubble at me.
DJ up are so silly.
And lets not forget the toe nail chewer...
For a few weeks I have been noticing these sunflowers
growing at a mailbox as you head out of my
Last week on the way to work I grabbed the
camera and stopped to get a pic of them.
I pulled the car right up under them!
Good thing I did....this week they are dying
Bloom on a Peace Lily.
Mom's house..

This is Dakota AKA the KING at mom's
and this is his throne at mom's.
He thinks he is too good to sit and or
lay on the ground like a regular dog.
Nope....not the KING.
Here he is looking up at the squirrel that
he chased up the tree. This squirrel
loves messing with the KING.

Got this a couple of weeks ago. I have wanted
one all summer. Deep Red....I love it.
It is now planted in the yard.

And my last shot. Took this
the other day as I was pulling
out of my parking place at work!
Not the best pic....cell phone.
But I love it.

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