The Roadway Find - Made Pretty

Several months ago I found a cute
little plant stand on the side of the
road to be thrown out with the trash.
I had a before pic....but like I said,
that was several months ago, where
I file that is beyond me...
This little stand was cherry, the
top had a few water stains on it,
a few scrapes...but it just needed
a little love and paint.
Again, several months ago I picked
up some small whoops sample paints at
Lowes, only 50 cents each.
Primed the stand, put this little teal
color on it and then some darker on the
legs. I thought it still needed something so
I went with circles.
Dark teal and cream color.
All left to do is a sealer and it will
be ready to go. This is a piece I will
add to the art crawl this fall. I have
several more to work on before that
Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
what a fun table Pam! I have a great filing system for pics, but I still manage to loose them sometimes. :)


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