DuPont High School Reunion Picnic

Wow.....35 years ago this month I graduated from high school.
Seems forever ago but yet I have to also ask where those years

Today, June 15, 2013 DuPont High School had it's Alumni
Picnic. All graduating classes. The oldest one I saw there
was a woman that graduated in 1947.

I have never heard of a school that has what our school
has. The get togethers, the Alumni folks, the fun, and
the connection. I feel so honored that I am part of that

The school, now a Middle School was open for us to go
in and look around.

At the end of this hall, right side was my art class
and it's still and art class!
 The last time I stood on this football field I
was graduating. That was June 1978.

Hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and the fixings.
Including watermelon.


There was one or two food fights in this room.

Melody- sweetest lady. She is on the alumni committee.

As well as Charles (1978)

Stewart. He heads the committee and
he is also the keep of our school website.

Thanks to all of you for what you do!
Thanks for stopping in,


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