Breaking and Entering

I have been known for years to help out when a family member goes out of town and I watch either the animals. It has turned in to be more than a laugh or two while doing this.

The last time I watched my oldest brother's house I had issues with the BIRD! You can find that story here

In the past I have had one of his dogs cut his leg open while out on the property running. I have had his dog run off at my house and had to go looking for him. But the worst was keeping his bird (another one) at my house once and it got out, not out of the cage but out of the house… was gone! Keeping my families pets has been an adventure to say the least.

This past week I had been feeding my youngest brothers dog. This dog just turned up at Mark's house a few years ago, dirty and lost. Mark fed it and the dog started to trust him. The dog has pitbull in him and I am not big on trust where those dogs are concerned. But the dog took to Mark, Kim and Holly. No worrying about anyone ever breaking in on them for sure.

Dinky (THE DOG) usually stays in the house but when Mark and the family take a vacation they have to put him in a pen outside, because no one would be able to feed him otherwise.

I would go every day after work to feed Dinky. I talk to him nicely and I try to be friendly. I slide his tin of food under a small opening at the bottom of the fencing. This time Dinky stayed over to the other side of the pen while I fed him, barking and growling of course the whole time. The first day it was not really hot and he just barked and growled at me. The second day he just growled from a distance but I stood there and carried on a conversation with him….lol, yes trying to get him to understand that it is not to growl at the hand that is feeding him!

The next day, he decided he had been nice enough and he charged the fence where I was sliding the food under. I have to say that will be the last time I "hold" it before going to feed him. About peed myself, he scared me so bad. Thursday was not so bad but…..come Friday it was a totally different story.

I pull up in the drive and I hear Dinky bark, thinking to myself that the bark did not sound right. I get out of the car, look up to the pen, hear another bark at the time I realize he is not in that pen. I look to the house and there he is standing at the full length glass doors with panes in them, barking at me.

Excuse my language, but my first thought was what the HELL. How did that dog, the one I call the demon dog get in the house. Only thing I could think was that the family came home early and maybe ran to the store cause I was not seeing the car. So I called my sis in law, Kim to see if they had come home early. When she said, "no, why"? I asked again with the tone, don't mess with me tell me the truth! The answer was still the same. So I had to break the news that the dog was in the house, barking at me. I wanted to know who would be brave enough to get near that dog and how did they get in the house?

Kim went to find my brother to ask who had a key to the house. She called me back with the news, that no one had a key. She wanted me to look in the house to see if the tv was there, but every time I so much as got near the door, Dinky would body slam the door. I walked around the house to find that the new front door my brother had installed had cardboard in the upper windows. What??? Why??? Apparently he cut the glass and has not gotten them in before time to leave on vacation. But…in the center part (there are three sections of glass) the cardboard was out.

In talking with my brother we realized that since Dinky don't like thunder storms and we had them on Friday, he managed to climb out of the pen. We are talking high fencing with a top Mark has put on it, but he managed to find a spot to squeeze out of and jump out of the pen. Oh Yay….but how did he get in the house?

It appears that the wind knocked out the center cardboard piece and the dog running around looking for a way in noticed that. Jumping up he managed to squeeze into that small opening. Mark thinks he got stuck cause there are a few scratches on the door where he tried to push himself in. High jump, small hole, bigger dog…..and he made it.

So…there is my BREAKING AND ENTERING story!

I can just see me now if I had gone up and seen the rear of this dog sticking out of that opening if he had remained stuck!! After I finished laughing, and of course taking a few pics I would have realized that he could not bite me if I pushed him in cause his head was on the other side! LOL…..oh my gosh, talk about stress I was so keyed up after that. I think I just need to refuse to keep anyone else's animals.

Enjoy your laugh and thanks for stopping in,



Anonymous said…
OMG Missy you had me laughing with this one.. especially since you have told me of this 'Demon Dog' before. I figured you would have won this pup over by now with your convincing ways.. guess NOT! LOL.. I still can't believe how he was able to get into that house.. Now that would have been something to see. But you didn't say... did you feed him or did he go hungry. I can imagine a very resourceful dog like that would have figured out how to find food in that home without your help but what a mess to clean up if he did. Well Nana dog sitting is good...keeps you on your toes and laughing. Laughter to matter the source of it, is good for the soul! Nancy M./Ohio

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