Tweet, Tweet

Another thing I love about spring is the birds.

I love to sit out on weekend mornings on the deck with my camera or in the evening after work. Just listening to the birds and watching them.

These shots were taken last Friday when I got home. It was such a nice evening.

The KING (my dog) and I walked around the back yard checking things out and picking up sticks and limbs from the trees. While doing that I kept watching Ms. Robin flying around and landing here and there. She landed on the deck while I was standing fairly close but as I tried to move in a bit more, THE KING decided he wanted to run up on the deck……bye, bye Ms. Robin!

I followed her to the top of the house….no, I did not crawl up on the house. I followed her with my eyes.  

 As I saw her disappear out of site, I saw leaves begin to float off the roof. Then she came to the edge where I could see her pulling those leaves from my gutter. Thinking at that rate my gutters will not get cleaned out but it was fun to watch her. I really do enjoy that

I meant to have my birdhouse up by now but I am running a little behind on that. Maybe this evening.

                                     Thanks for stopping in, come again real soon.


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