It Has Arrived - FINALLY

I am talking about SPRING!
It has come, it has left, it has come again,
I just hope that Mother Nature is
tired of playing her games!
Look what I found the other day....they
are out. Just barely flying round, kind
of slow like but I figure with the
warm weather the next few days
they will be back in force.
I love spring colors as much as I
do the fall colors but this
year my yard seems to be
coming out PURPLE. Which
is my fav color.

Berry, seeds...whatever on my monkey

And who would not love the blooms of
the Bradford Pear?

More purple in the yard.

And yellow from Mom's. I mentioned
to her that I wanted to get me a couple
of these bushes and she thought
she had some coming up from hers.
We checked and yes, there were two.
I was more pleased to be getting
them once she told me that all the yellow
bushes in her yard came from a starting
off her Dad's bushes many years ago.
I am really excited to be planting starters
from Granddaddy's bushes.
They have been around a long time,
I think I was in the 8th or 9th grade
when we lost him.

While Dakota AKA The KING (my dog)
and I were walking around the yard checking
things out the cat from across the street
came into view.
Don't know his name but Dakota has had
meetings with him before. They have
done the Mexican Stand Off before.
This cat is not afraid of the dog at all.
This day he comes out his drive and lays in the
road, rolling and stretching.....
Messing with the KING!
Apparently he was not liking the fact
that I would not let Dakota get in the
road and head over there....
So he comes to us.
Yep, the KING is backing off (so no pic
to show).
Then right in front of the mailbox where we
stood, he lays and rolls, strecthes and
rolls more.

Finally I called The KING and we went to
the backyard. The cat left.
No fun messing with the dog if the owner
will not play along!
Thanks for stopping in and be sure and return,


Gail Wilson said…
I am loving the spring weather... windows open, sun shining, breeze blowing, what's NOT to love about Spring? :)

I took a stroll around the yard yesterday, surprised my daffodils are still fresh looking. I think it's the longest they've ever lasted.
happy Monday, Happy Spring Pam!

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