I Just Love Spring

I love spring!
I love the new life it brings
to trees and flowers,
I love the colors....
Went out with my camera at
lunch yesterday and got this Redbud.
Purple being one of my fav colors.
The Dogwoods are just blooming and
starting to open.

My hosta. Took a pic a couple
of days before where they had
just popped up...
after the rain they
started to unfold and open
I got these from a woman that use
to watch my children. They have been
planted here for over 20 years. Before
that they were at my other home for about
5 yrs. They have been divided and
dug up and given away to others...
And through it all, they continue
to greet me every spring.
I think this is a Redbud but it was
really pink looking and not

It was beautiful.
The last couple of years I have
noticed that the crows around
here have gotten
Where did they come from?
This guy don't look that big
in this pic but take my word
he was BIG.
This evening I will be heading to Gaylord
Hotel to photograph my
niece Holly's LAST prom of
high school. Don't
sure she realizes just how fast time
will move from now till graduation!
Thank you for stopping and
please come again,


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