The Drawing

Meet my great nephew Cole.

As children grow and are given some tools to teach them different things like drawing and coloring, other things can take place.

My great nephew, Cole, who will be 2 next month decided to draw with his crayons on the wall. Now who has been there? I've been there, my son did it and my grandson did it. According to my mother, I did it! Look at that master piece. Looks like an R at the top and ay at the bottom. Ray, his grandpa's name. LOL

As I was talking to my mom about Cole doing, both of us laughing, she informed me I had done it also. Whoops, ME? REALLY? This story I had never heard before. I apparently, or it is alleged that I locked myself in a small bathroom at my Grandmother Montgomery's house and I took lipstick to the walls. Well, in my defense, lipstick looks like a crayon. The problem with this was, I was really little and could not figure out how to unlock the door when I was told to. So according to mom, they put my brother Ray, through the window and he unlocked the door so they could get to me.

                                                              mom and I

On the flip side, being an artist, I know that I was beginning to show my talents, even at that young of an age!

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Anonymous said…
Cole is a sweetheart ... if I lived closer id ask for babysitting duty As for crayon creations on the wall... Hmm can't say my little man did that...however, he did decided to be creative with PB ...using the TV screen as his canvas lol He wore the biggest smile when he show me his creation... He was very proud.. I couldn't help it.. I had to laugh . N yes I do see R ay on that wall.. Too funny! Oooh my goodness look at that pic of you with yr mom... I love those blk n wht hallmark moments n btw has anyone ever told you that you look like the Cupie Doll lol .. Oooh you're simply adorable! lol::: Love ya sweetie... Nancy; OH

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