If you have been reading about Dakota in the last few post then you have had a couple of good laughs! He is something for sure.
Dakota sleeps with me on the other side of the bed, under the cover, down at the bottom.  It's an arrangement that works just fine for us, I don’t kick him and he is not so close that I can't turn over.

One morning right after I got him we both woke about the same time. I laid there for a minute but Dakota started out from under the cover. He was right up next to me at this time and before I knew it, as he tried to crawl out, he crawled right up the back of the inside of my gown. I started laughing and trying to tell him he could not get out that way. He was not backing up, and he kept trying to come out the way. All I could do was sat up on the edge of the bed and as I stood slowly, I had to wiggle him out of the gown…..
Like I said, he has me laughing a lot.

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Christina Lee said…
Hilarious! AWWWW what a cutie!

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