If you read my post the other day you would have
read about Dakota, AKA The King.
Well today is a follow up story on him.
This DOG, the one that I ended up with
even though I did not want him...
and yes, the one that wormed his way into
my heart....is nothing more than a con.
A big ole CON ARTIST.
You could not tell it by looking at this face!
He is treated like a king. He sleeps in my bed and
he never rises when I do. Lazy thing.

He has his own little snuggle to wear in the
winter time so he will not get cold.

Then there are the days that he decides
to tear up the bed after I have made it...
so he climb up on the throne and sleep.

Shall I tell you how hard it is to sleep
with him.....he SNORES...

Often I have to wash him down with a wet
clothe when he returns from Granny's cause
he loves to get dirty.

I even share the last of my cantalope with him.

Notice that he does a lot of this?

His Granny even buys him nice large pillows (thrones)
for him to rest on.

And look, tell me this guy is not treated like a KING..

And he is very, very smart. But he is where the CON comes
At night I block off the doorway to my room so he
can not go out and decide to go to the bathroom. If he
decideds he needs to go out, he jumps out of bed and
shakes, making the tags on his collar make a lot of noise.
Saturday night, I failed to block the door and he jumped out
of the bed, knowing that to get my attention, he needed to
shake......do you think he shook? No, not this time.
So Dakota sneaks downstairs and goes to the bathroom
on my livingroom carpet, at least it was solid.
When I noticed that I hollered out "Dakota".
With that, he decided to lay up in the bed and not come
down with me. A whole hour and a half went by before he
ventured down and that was only because he heard Granny
pull in the driveway. He darted down the stairs and right out
the door I was holding open. He ran out all excited to see
his Granny. When they came in I told him I was not happy
with him. He hung his head. I told my mom what was going
on. Dakota kept hanging his head.
Later in the morning I noticed that he was acting really strange.
He would not jump up on the furniture, he would not
run to the window when he heard a car, he would not
eat treats or food, would not drink and would not go outside.
I was really worried about him. I gave him an 81mg
asprin and he started to act some better. I had to carry him
out and he would not go to the bathroom. I had to carry him
up to bed.....
This morning he was fine. I think I was
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