In the Past - Cruise - Cozumel Mexico

In 2006 my sis in law, Lori and I ventured off and took
cruise with some of Lori's family.
First port of call was in Cozumel. That is where we
swam with the dolphins. Sorry, no pics of that
but I had a blast.
This is where we swam.

These little critters were everywhere.

Statue in a park area in Cozumel.

This is a local lady in a hut at the park.

Another one of these critters.

Outside the hut Eva (Lori's mom) and I had our
pic made with the local lady.

Lori and I.

We took our cruise at the end of October in 2006.
And boy was it hot in Cozumel. Really hot.
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