Freebies and A Good Deal

Still not able to craft or even able to pick
up my camera's and that is the hardest part.
But it will be three weeks since
surgery tomorrow. Healing well, PT
twice a week and they say that my range of
movement is great. Doctor on the
13th so we will see if like gets somewhat back to
But in the mean time I wanted to share
some of my free items with you.
Neighbor up the street from my mom is
selling and moving out. As she goes
through things and sets things aside,
she has another pile for my Mom or
This is one item that I love. I have been wanting
one but never broke down and bought one.
She also set this aside for me.
I can see a nice layer salad or
a dessert.
Nice long glass tray. Very heavy.
Now moving on to something else....
My bathroom counter upstairs. I needed
just the right thing to put up there.
And I found it downstairs on my kitchen counter.
I bought it several weeks ago at Goodwill for
for a $1.99.
Great buy, no chips or cracks.
And I really have no use for a cake plate.
This is the ending affect.
Works out really nice and adds
height to the counter.
I love it. Thanks for stopping in,
Thank you,


cool stuff! I love how you're using the cake plate. :)

keep on keepin' on girl! Hope the doc has great news for ya!

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