Okay....here is the craftroom! It looks
so crowded but I do have it in order so
that I can find what I want.
These 3 shelves are full.
And I actually have no more room!

The cabinet is also full.
But this is where the crafting starts....and finishes.

Fall is almost here.....
So I dug out four of these wooden plaques.

79 cents each.

Scrapbooking paper.

And these foamy feeling things that have
peel off back for sticking to things.

And then I stopped taking pics. But this is what
I came up with.

I am WELCOMING in the fall.
Thanks for stopping in,


so happy that you are able to craft again.
hoping you do okay at work. :)

I start PT next week. I sure hope it helps quickly.

take care

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