For over 4 weeks I was unable to do anything!
I had the shoulder surgery that started out mild,
or so we thought before the MRI. Then looking at
the MRI the doc said it looked like the rotator
cuff was torn 80% only to find out when I went
into surgery that it was a full 100% tear in
the tendon and muscle.
With that said, I was wearing this BIG HONKING
sling with a pillow in it that made doing anything
I have watched all the reruns and I know all the
stupid commericals on TV.
But last Thursday I was able to remove the sling, able
to do somethings within reason and don't overdo.
Don't lift anything over 2 lbs and I could drive...
Well, that is what I heard anyway. I asked the doc, he
said, "I will not tell you that you can't, be careful"...I
heard I could drive, just be careful.....when in fact in
his voice and tone he was saying, "I rather you not for
the next two weeks"....
Anyway, I am driving...short distances.
And I am making earrings.
But before I started that I had to clean up this mess.
All clean and organized.
So I made these today.
And these...
Made these two pairs the night I got to take off the sling.
Made this Christmas earring today but the shoulder
was feeling the pull so I will make the other
at another time.
It's a start. Thanks for stopping in.


Jeffrey said…
Hey you have made very cool and trendy designs. I like these earring a lot, they are beautiful and made by a quality material. The last one you have made is something unique.
Great work you do Pam!! Ouch! I can't imagine that you did that cleaning up the mess AND made those earrings. I know how bad my shoulder hurts when I write...
very cute earrings my dear!
wishing you the very best. and be careful driving!!

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