Upstairs Bathroom Re-do

Been living here in my home for almost 19
years and it was built in 1975. I think the bathrooms
are as they were when it was built.

A few years ago I laid down some
peel and stick flooring and painted the
cabinets white.

But until now, I had not touched the vanity top.


In the process.....


After all is done I will frame out the mirror and paint
it white like the cabinets. The walls are an antique white.

Now don't laugh....but this faucet has not been
workable for a while. First the hot water started
dripping so I turned it off under the cabinet.
Then the cold messed up and I cut it off. So
this bathroom was basically used only for showering
or taking a bath. Yes, I know it was as simple
as changing out washers but I hate messing with
things like that....but when I decided to, I broke
the I have hired all this work done.


But look at how nice it looks now.


The lighting...



Just need to remember to buy more bulbs.

Over in the other area of the bathroom...the
fan. This has not worked for a while either.



Wayne still needs to go up above and find
 the electric plug for the fan but its
way to hot for that right now. He is
going to move the vent over also to
cover up the whole area.
Then I will prime and paint the

Next will be the bathroom downstairs!

Thanks for stopping in,


wow pam! I love the new bathroom! It looks great.
I'm about to start on mine, but I think it's just going to be paint. I'd like to do more, but it's not in the budget.

Tomorrow going to a "painting" party at my sister's. (she just bought a repo, and it needs a LOT)
so I guess I'll paint my bathroom next week.

stay cool!

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