License Plates, Tags or Bumper Stickers

I am addicted.
I love to keep up with friends and
family through FACEBOOK!

But I also love to have fun on there,
I love to do things that brings laughs
and smiles from friends that follow

That includes me taking pics of
strange, different and unusual mailboxes.
Then asking others to send me pics of different ones
they find and I post them also.

Or to do a folder with everyones pets.
The first folder I started for fun was
"Where my feet have been"...
And yes, I started a folder where I had
friends send pics of where there feet have

Recently I started a folder on FACEBOOK
of license plates, tags or bumper stickers.

Here are just a few I found or have
had sent to me from friends.

This one was sent to me from my sis in law.

Then we have the TOOLMAN!

Co-worker....She shows Eskies.

Well, maybe this one speaks for itself.

Maybe this one is in Showbiz...

Saw this one on a plumbers truck.

My guess on this one....loves to fish.

The very first one I found, the one that started this.

LOL....this one was sent to me by a friend.
Likes TUNA?

Maybe this one designs LOGOs.

Sent to me by another friend.....and yes, it was
taken in the parking lot of McDonald.

Got this one while I was in Kentucky.

This one speaks for itself.

Okay....Big Tater!

Sent to me by a friend. Took me a minute on this one...
not a license plate but the word above!

I like this one.

Took this one of the way to a cookout on the
4th of July....
Not a license plate, or a tag....
but I loved the tire cover! that this is stuck in your mind I can see
you reading license plates as you are driving!
Check out the mailboxes also.

Thanks for stopping in,


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