My crafting has been at a standstill as of late…except for this easy project!

Simple in fact –

Set up my concrete borders (that I already had).

Lay down some landscaping plastic (that I already had).

Buy a 20lb bag of dirt, open and pour. Lowes - $3.00 and something cents.

Place the baby bed springs that I bought a couple of weeks ago - $5.00.

Plant the vines that I started a week or so ago in a pot. Seeds were given to me by an old friend and former classmate, Karri Buttery Tucker. The plants I planted are Lablab purpureus (Egyptian bean, Hyacinth bean or Indian bean). I had this plant once but I did not let the beans dry out correctly and they molded so I didn't have seeds for the next yr. I will not make that mistake again.

Throw in a couple of pieces of broken clay pot.....

I love my trellis. I looked for an old gate with the rounded edges but could not locate one so when I ran across the baby bed springs for the price I did, I could not resist that. I think it will work out great for the climbing vines, so excited to see how it looks.

Thanks for stopping in, come back again,


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