Kentucky Trip - Mennonite Community

Over the weekend I went to Kentucky with
my friend Theresa.

We actually went for her families reunion.
Her name is Montgomery and my maiden
name is Montgomery. I went to school
with a Montgomery but other than that,
I have never ran across anymore.

Theresa and I compared our family
history but could not find a connection but
she felt it would be fun if I went to the
reunion with her....
I know both her sister's also so I
thought it would be fun.

We met with her sister, her husband and
their son at the Bread of Life.

This place was started by a couple that
at one time lived in the Mennonite
community of Russell County Ky.
They started to adopt special needs
children and found that was their calling.
They started the Bread of Life to support
themselves and the kids they raised.

Great food.

All the food comes from the Mennonite farmers
in the area...along with some of the
best watermelon I have ever had.
It was fantastic. Started to get
one to bring home but I was not
sure what type I had ate and I did not
want to get home with the wrong kind.

After lunch, we went to a Mennonite store, like
a general store. Check this out....


We also went into another store....Theresa and
her sisters call this the Mennonite Walmart..
They sell everything.

I had to get a pic of this, I have one
like this that my mom mad me years ago.
It is a clothes pin holder.

This was a neat object. An opening cut
into the wood with a marble in it.
Hang it up and place a towel in it...the
marble holds it but allows you to pull
it out easily.

What a big stove.

I thought these were just adorable. I have seen
kids high top walking shoes all my life...
but not in black.

We also visited a shop that carried flowers and
things like that. Out front there were three of

Amazing. The basket part is made of fishing line.
Moss and dirt.

Such a pretty color.

Passion pretty.

This is some of what I brought home from the
general store....

Really enjoyed my day.
Thanks for stopping in,


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