I am always looking for something new,
something different to make. I love different.

I found something like this on PINTEREST.
One 8x10 frame, I left it the wooden
dark brown. I took olive good knitting
yarn and a blue color knitting yarn.

Wrapped the sides in the green and the blue
on the top and bottom.

I had a wooden "J". I mixed up the
color so that the "J" matched the
blue color yarn.

Attached to the frame and hung on
the front door....I
love it. I had been looking for the
right wreath to hang there but I thought
this was neat..different.

For fun, I take pics with my cell of license plates
that are different, have a meaning, have a message...
etc. and I post then in my License Plate
album on facebook. People love seeing different
things like that and they really enjoy it.

Yesterday I was behind this car and although there
was not a neat, different license plate, there
were bumper stickers. They caught my attention...

One said, my daughter is in the US ARMY,
another one read that the driver was a proud
parent of a US MARINE, and then one said
that they had a son in the AIR FORCE.

I pulled up beside her and she had her windown
down. I spoke to her about her bumper stickers and
she said that her husband had also been in the
NAVY. Now if that is not supporting your
country, I don't know what is!
I thanked her, and went on my way.
Bless her heart, that can't be easy.

After that I will continue to post bumper stickers in
my license plate album on facebook.

Meet Red. Red has so much hair that she sheds.
Red belongs to my youngest brother but she moved
in with my Mom in 2006. She became a house dog
then. But with hardwood floors Red's hair becomes
a mess esp. in the spring.

My brother shaves her every summer....last year
she had a mohawk!

Holding her still must be hard to shave her.....I noticed
that the back legs and under the neck must have
been hard to get to....

But check out the TAIL....I
love it. A lion's tail.

It has to be cooler for her and I know it makes
life easier for mom.

Thanks for stopping in,


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