Hello fellow bloggers!

Just wanted to throw something out there to you, if you facebook, which I am sure most if not all of you do, there might be a facebook page for your community (city) that you live in. I stumbled across mine by accident. Ours is called HIP HERMITAGE. So with that I joined that page. It allows you to know what type of things that are going on in your area, like I was unaware that there was a "food truck" from farmers that would set up at a certain place to sell crops. Then I got to thinking, I live next to two other communities (cities) that I am in a lot, so I looked them up…yes, they had a HIP community also. But to my surprise there is also a trading post that includes two of those communities. On that side you can post yard sales, things you wish to sell, things you are looking to buy and even items you make….its really cool, so if you are a facebooker, check it out, your community might have a page also.


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