Dakota and Laughs

Life is not ever boring with Dakota around.
He has been a part of my life for
almost 5 years and I have to say I love
that silly dog.

In saying that let me also add that he is a brat.
And one of the most self center, spoiled, selfish,
rude and set in his ways dog that I have
ever come across. It has to be all
about him....that is why most times
he goes by THE KING....he thinks
he is just that.

But he entertains me!
Today, I was sitting on my deck and the KING
was on the glider next to me. He jumped
down and went into the back yard.

Within a few minutes I heard this really
strange noise....kind of like all heck
breaking loose!

Before I even had time to call out his name,
he comes THE KING along side of the
shed chasing what appeared to be a

I heard the clucking noise, saw both animals
run by, at break neck speed. Before I
could register what I thought I saw and
get off the deck, they were gone, out
of site.  I walked down the drive looking
and calling for the dog but nothing.

I walked around to the yard next to
me on the other side of the creek. I see THE KING
in that yard next to the shed. Then he takes off again
into the back yard. The gate to the privacy
fence was open so I went in to get him.
In the far corner of the fence was a couple of
stumps that had been cut from a tree....
and I realized he had something
cornered in there. I go over and
sure enough, THE KING has a chicken cornered.

That poor chicken was squeezed in between the fence
and stumps so tight trying to stay out of the dogs
reach. I pull THE KING away, the chicken
jumps out and runs, Dakota takes after it and
has it pinned in the yard. I pull him off and the chicken
goes back to the stumps. Just then I hear a mans
voice on the other side of the fence. I asked if that
was his chicken, he jumps the fence and saves the

Checks the chicken over, its fine. He tells me that its
a free range chicken that has the run of his yard....
I want to look at him and ask if he is crazy cause
there are so mnay dogs and cats around...what is
he thinking? But I don't. Anyway....
off went the chicken and the man....
and I had to pull the dog home!

How crazy was that. I had my camera around
my neck but everything moved so fast
this is the only pic I could get.

Thanks for stopping in,


too funny! that man is a hoot! :)

I have one of those "kings" too. his name is Louie


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