The BITE and the BIRD

I like most animals. Not afraid of many. But there is one animal that I have taken a total dislike to….(sorry Ray)… That would be my brother's bird, TJ.

TJ and I have had our issues when I would house sit for my brother and sis in law but as of last night, all TJ has done was to outsmart me and talk back to me (loudly), but last night….he BIT ME! Yes, he did.

He started squawking when Mom and I went in and would not stop. I spoke to the dogs, I spoke to Ms. Lola (sis in law's bird) and I went to speak to TJ. He was sitting on top of his cage and he walked around to the front like he was coming to see me. He jumped down on top of the opened cage door and acted like he wanted to come to me. I put my arm out so he could jump on and he leaned over and BITE ME! Freak'n bird! Thinking be might be good fried with gravy! LOL…he is a one person bird and he loves my brother.

If you are interested in reading how TJ outsmarted me and talked back to me you need to read these post…..

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