I Hear the Music

My brother and sis in law started down
sizing. Kids are gone off to college
and they did not need that big of a house.

LOL...funny thing is that the house
is still full of things that the new
house could not hold.

A couple of months ago my sis in law went
to the house and was going through things.
She found this little table and offered it to
me for my crafting purposes.

I thought it was adorable. But then Lori told
me that she had this table in college
I knew I had to fix it up and give
it back to her.

Isn't it cute?

Lori has a beautiful baby grand, black....
so I thought I would fix this up to
go in the new music room.

First I painted the table black...yes
to match the baby grand.
Then came the top of the table.
Cut up music books.
Mod Podge....and
off I went.

Side view.

Finished product.

I could not wait so I sent Lori some
pics. She loved it.

Thanks for stopping in,


gail wilson said…
great job on the table pam! I know how you feel. I was given a couple of big ole cabinets by a neighbor. I feel bad about taking them b/c they belonged to he and his wife before she passed away. As I was cleaning them up today, I was thinking... I wonder if either of his daughters would want them after they're fixed up... I get so attached to THINGS, that I forget not everybody is like me!
have a great weekend!

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