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Today on my lunch break I went to Goodwill.
I only found one item I felt I
really wanted.

A wooden recipes box.

The paint could be touched up but I
decided not to....I like it that

The cost.
It will sit really well on the shelf in my kitchen.
And will fit in well with the old antique items
I have in there.

This is a find that I got a couple of weeks ago
at the same Goodwill.
Since this pic was taken, it
has been spray painted a hunter
green color....and later,
I will post what I used it for.

I started to tape the handle off before I
remembered to take a pic.

This was a cake I made for work last week...
Its a tombstone only with mixing the
icing color (I am so not good with that) I
got the gray a bit more black then
it needed to be....

No was good.
FYI- I am great at mixing paint for my paintings
but not so good with icing, it just don't
work the same!

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What a charmingly lovely find. I was looking everywhere for a recipe box that I loved last year, but kept coming up empty handed (or not wanting to pay an arm and leg for one). I sort of forgot about that hunt though once we started getting ready to move a few months ago. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for a similar find now too, thanks for the reminder! :)

Many thanks for both of your comments today on my vintage outfit posts, I sincerely appreciate your visit, sweet lady.

Wishing you a beautiful Thursday,
Janet said…
You did great with your thrift finds and that cake looks amazing! I love the wording you chose. :)

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