The Digging KING

Meet Dakota!
He carrys that nickname cause he
thinks he is the KING and he
acts it.

Dakota is a Rat Terrier. So smart. Learned
tricks with no problem. Knows the difference
between, want out, want a treat, where is
your toy and even bring me your toy.

But....he is very selfish, and stubborn.
And I love him to pieces.

I caught Dakota digging in the front yard
the other day. He watches the ground till
he see's it move, then he digs in. He is
chasing moles.
Rat Terriers were breed to hunt rodents.

I saw him studying the ground although he had
already started to dig. So....since I always
have one handy, I grabbed my camera.

He really wants that mole.

So lets dig just a little deeper. I keep
telling him he has to be a bit faster.

Okay, enough of this, I am going in!!!

No, he did not catch it. I made him get in the
car so I could go to work.....NO, he does
not go to work with me, he goes to
my mom's house to play with her dogs
all day.

He would not know what to do with the mole
if he caught it anyway. He got one last
year and he would stand and look at it,
then smell it, and look again. I had
to make him stop messing with it
and we let it go.

When I got home that day I checked out the yard...
Here is THE KINGS hole.....
and no mole!

Thanks for stopping in,


gail wilson said…
love that picture of dakot's whole face in the ground! hahaha

how sweet he goes to your mom's to play!
Happy Mother's Day Pam!

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