Decorating the Yard

I made this decoration a few yrs ago
in my front yard. I took it down in the fall
but last year I did not set it up at all.
So, I decided to move it to the back
and sat it up near the shed.

5 small clay pots. You can use
larger if you want. A metal pole
stuck in the ground. First pot
sats straight. From there each pot sats
at an angle. Run the pots down
over the pole going through the
hole in the bottom of the pot.

The wooden thing sitting up next to the
shed is something I recently purchased at
the Southern Womens Show. It is
a carpenter bee trap. So far I have
caught 3 bees. Maybe with this it will
prevent them from drilling up in
my shed.

Next, on Pinterest I have been seeing
wooden chairs painted with plants
sitting on them in the garden.
I did not have a wooden chair plus
with the mild winter we have had I did not
want to put one of those out in the
yard. They are saying that termites
will be bad.
But I did have this metal chair, it
was black so I painted it green
and sat it on the deck with a
plant on it.

Next a project I found on Pinterest.
One large pot of dirt with a smaller
on sitting on it. I love this.

Thanks for stopping in,


gail wilson said…
I love my tipsy pots! I planted wave petunias in mine this year. :)
I like the smaller pot in the larger one... simple enough.

stay cool!!! it's too hot for me!
Anonymous said…
Awesome Pam

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