My Granny

Whoops…..not been blogging much, and I said I was going to change that!

Oh well. I actually have not been crafting much the past couple of weeks, I guess you can say that I have been gathering! Yes, gathering things to possibly craft with!

Okay, with that said let me go on with my short but sweet blog today.

This is my Granny. I have written about her before but today as I sit at work it hit me about something that my Mother just told me a couple of weeks ago.

My Granny always, and I remember this, always had a thing of sweet tea made. Not only that, she always had bottles of coke on hand. I don’t recall ever seeing her drink a coke, but they were there for whoever wanted one. 

As for the tea, Mom told me although she always had it there, she never, never drank any. Instead she drank water from the faucet with lemon in it. I tried to remember back and although I remember her drinking the water, I could not remember ever taking notice that she never drank tea.

Granny drank that water and most times I remember seeing her with crackers in her hand to eat while sipping her drink. Every Sunday, until age and health took over, my Granny also cooked one of those BIG Sunday dinners. My aunts, uncles, and cousins would be there to enjoy that Sunday meal. We were at a disadvantage since Granny lived in Georgia and we lived in Tennessee but I recall those good meals when we were there to visit. Do you remember BIG family Sunday dinners with the extended family? What a gathering that could be.

During this conversation with my Mom she also told me that my Granny did not and would not eat lettuce. I kind of laughed cause that is one of my lest favorite items in a salad. I prefer my salad to a little of that and lots of other stuff. I never put lettuce on a sandwich or anything….so now I wonder, did I get that from my Granny? Stop for a minute and look back on your life, ever wonder what traits, likes, or dislikes you got from your parents, grandparents or great grandparents?

I do know one thing, my Mom’s side of the family, not sure if it comes from Granny’s and Granddaddy’s side, carry’s a strong gene. You can compare pics of family members, you can put your children’s pics up next to cousin’s pics, or your grandkids to your grandparents and you see it……you see the grandparents eyes or mouth..etc. So next time you wonder where you got that shape of eyes and color or that certain way you turn up your nose, the color of your hair or whatever, look back on those older family pics and enjoy! That is where you came from……

Maybe in my next blog I will show you some of those pics and how much
the family favors.

NOTE: Correction...even though I don't remember seeing my Granny
drink Mom said she did and she loved it.

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Pam--I enjoyed reading this blog post! :) I love family! And yes, I remember those gatherings!
I too LOVE coca cola! :) but NOT tea!


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